The Challenge

The client approached me to discuss creating a new branding style for their product, an social network application for college students. The branding needed to consist of a new logo, website and illustration style. The main objective was that the brand needed to be fun, colourful and modern.
The Approach
The aim was to create a brand style that felt appealing, something that was memorable and would draw the user in. The end result was a really colourful style, something that was really fresh and quirky. The illustrations played a big part in holding the brand vaules together, using the bright colours, coupled with a unqie take on shapes to create a consistent visual hook across all touchpoints.
The Logo
The core symbol of the logo was the F (obviously). The font was rounded and playful to linked up with the overall brand hook of rounded elements.
The illustrations were colourful, and leaned heavily on the colour palette to keep things consistent. A unique style for characters was created and used consistently across all usecases.
The main aim of the website was to educate potential clients of how the product worked. From a brand perspective, it was important that we created a style that was colourful and approachable.
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