The Challenge

The client needed a new brand identity for a new Irish based premium gift set service. The challenge was to create a brand that felt luxurious, approachable and most importantly, Irish.
The Approach
It was very important that the logo and brand identity felt professional, and luxurious. The client wanted to ensure that the typeface, and symbol was heavily influenced by an Irish style, so there was a lot of research put into different fonts, and symbols that could move the final direction towards a more celtic style.

The logo was is made up of a celtic symbol sitting beside a celtic font to give an irish style. Because the logo is quiet long, the structure of the logo needed work around the symbol to give it a better balance.

Made of Irish Grey
Made of Irish Light
Misty Rose

A slick grey palette was created to be used as the primary colour to give a mature, yet modern style to the brand.

The overall styleguide was used to keep consistency for the brand identity across all touchpoints, from marketing collateral , through to the website and stamps across all products.
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