The Challenge

Qstream is a micro-learning platform that allows employees learn through knowledge retention. When I started with Qstream, the product was inconsistent and lacked any real brand style.
The Approach
I was with Qstream for over 2 years, working as one of their first designer, leading up the brand and design system of the product. During my time there, we build out a solid design system, called QUIK. We also designed and built out a new marketing website, that incorporated the new brand style as well as a new unique illustration system that was created specifically for the brand.
The Branding
The branding as a whole was revamped introducing a clean, unique illustration style, that was used wide spread across the product and marketing.
Qstream Blue
Qstream Green
Qstream Orange
A colourful overlayed illustration style was created that was used across the marketing and platform to bring life to otherwise boring areas.

For more info about the branding, have a look at the Brand Guidelines

The whole platform was redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. We started every page from scratch, designing every page with the customer in mind. Simplicity was key.
A full rebrand including a new website incorporating the new brand colours and illustration style was created to align consistency across all touchpoints.
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