The Challenge

PrivateVPN is the worlds fastest growing online VPN serves. I was challenged with creating a new brand identity and designing out the product for all devices, from mobile, to iPad to TV. For such a populated industry, it was important that we created a simple, clear product, coupled with a memorable, professional brand style.
The Approach
The main aim for the product was to create a VPN service that was straightforward and so simple that anyone could understand how to use it. The brand identity was clean, and leaned heavily on a unique illustration style to differeniate the product from it's competitors.
The Branding
The logo was created with security in mind. A shield sitting within a cloud was used to give the logo a modern, tech approach. A dark purple was used as the primary colour across the marketing and product.
PrivateVPN Purple
PrivateVPN Yellow
PrivateVPN Grey
A playful vector illustration style was created, using the primary purple as the most used colour. A consistent theme for each illustration were heavily based on speed, and security, with locks, computers and rockets often used.
The branding was revamped introducing a clean, unique illustration style, that was used wide spread across the product and marketing creating a consistent experience from start to finish for users.
The main app is light weight. Itwas important that the UI was really easy to understand. Most VPN apps are very similar so it was important to keep the general UX recognisable, but to introduce a UI that was somewhat unique by applying the brand style effectively.
The website was key to drive the product, and awareness. A lot of emphasis was put on creating a unique style, but also, SEO drove the content meaning there was a lot to say across each page.
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