The Challenge

Onsecurity is an online security platform that allows users keep track of any security breaches on their online product, from one centralised single platform. The client needed all aspects of design, from designing the core product and onboarding, through to their branding and online marketing solutions.
The Approach
One of the key issues with the product was that it was very complicated. This meant that we needed to concentrate on simplifying the core product, by restucturing the navigation of the product, simplifying the terminolgy used, as well as introducing a clean, straightforward onboarding flow that educated the users. Alongside the product, a slick branding approach was created to give the company a fresh, modern style.
The Branding
The style was updated to bring a more slick, stylish approach to the branding, bring in dark blue tones, with gradients and abstract shapes to introduce a unique style that will help separate their brand from the competition.

The logo was created to emphasis the word 'On' to focus the attention that the product is always On. The power symbol was a legacy approach, so was kept and enhanced, introducing a newer, fresher font that compliments the overall brand style.

Vibrant Blue
Dusty Blue
Dark Blue
Gradient 1

A solid, fresh colour palette was introduced to help brighten and modernise the brand style.

A unique abstract illustration style was created to compliment the overall brand style, that features large abstract shapes, that allows the brand to apply the brand hook across marketing material, giving it a consistent, fresh style across all touchpoints.
Creating a consistent style was very important for the application. Taking a over complicated navigation and prodcuct in general, and introducing a simpler navigation and design system all played it's part in creating a cleaner, more intuitive product.
The branding was created to bring a sense of professionalism to the product. A dark stylish approach was introduced across the application.
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