The Challenge

For the last 4 years, I've worked as the lead brand designer for Shortcut, the best project management tool around. Ive seen the company grow so quickly, and with that, the brand has constantly evolved too. We recently undertook a complete redesign, from a new name, logo and marketing website and everything that goes along with it. Always pushing forward.
The Approach
Shortcut recently went through a complete overhaul changing the company name from Clubhouse, to Shortcut. This meant we had to redesign everything from the ground up. A new logo was created, a new illustration style, a complete new website, and then integrating the brand style across all touch points of the company. But that's not the end of it. We're constantly tweaking and testing, iteration is key to success.
The Branding
The  style was updated recently to bring a more slick, powerful approach to the branding, bringing in dark navy tones, to make things more professional and solid. With that we've coupled the dark slick style with some really cool illustrations to align our brand values, which really help make our brand memorable.
Shortcut logo Black
Shortcut logo White
Shortcut logo Colored
Shortcut mark BlueShortcut mark WhiteShortcut mark Colored

The logo was created to give Shortcut a unique, memorable stamp. We have multiple approaches to ensure it works across all instances.

Shortcut Navy
Shortcut Blue
Shortcut Red
Shortcut Yellow

A fresh colour palette that sways from dark slick UI to playful colourful illustrations to give a solid and joyful contrast

Our icon style is used to bring a certain style to our brand. They add our personality, colour and style across the brand.

For more info about our mission, check out the Shortcut Design site

Our website is the real first contact we have with our user, so we work hard to inject our personality from the start. Light, joyful content coupled with humorous illustrations, and a powerful, solid dark style helps our users get a sense of what we're all about.
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